Business Competitive Intelligence

Business Competitive Intelligence

Managing Uncertainties and generating Opportunities

In the business environment of the 21st century, ignorance or misunderstanding of Competitive Intelligence field is a real obstacle in achieving superior performance. Competitive intelligence is about making reasoned, rational decisions while under pressure. The average value of decisions taken by a manager depends directly on the quality of information to which he has access and on his processing capability.


The world around us is full of Data and Information. The pace of change has increased, driven by Digitalization and other forces. Agility is one of the features valued greatly by business leaders. Thus, business decisions have to be both Fast and Sound.

Yet, how do we educate both management and companies to deal with the treacherous waters of the information environment? The Knowledge for this task is the core of the Business & Competitive Intelligence field. It’s primary mission is to manage Uncertainties and generate Opportunities, in order to support the best decision making process.

This Knowledge is neither secret, nor untested. It has been gathered and tested by statutory intelligence for centuries, before being adapted to the business world.

Concepts (such as Risk, Vulnerability, Threat, Data, Information, Intelligence, etc.) are clearly defined. They are connected into resilient processes, which deliver the most accurate understanding of the business environment. The most efficient methods and techniques for
collecting and analyzing Data and Information can be taught and used by entrepreneurs and large corporations, as well.

The Business & Competitive Intelligence introduces the participants into this field and is the link between Digital and Personal Skills necessary to quickly and objectively understand the business world around us, before deciding what to do.

It aims to unravel to the participants a practical and tested way of managing the information layer of the business. For many will be a wow moment and a door for a new development path. Unleash the power of Intelligence to increase your Agility and Competitiveness.


This program teaches the participants the end-to-end process of working with Data and Information, starting from the need of knowing something for business purposes, until having the best understanding of that topic.


This program adapts concepts, methods and techniques specific to the Business Competitive Intelligence in order to be used by professionals from various domains and level of expertise in their modern role: HR professionals (HR Directors, recruitment, planning, HR Business Partners), management, sales, customer care, business development, marketing,
audit, IT , procurement, anti-fraud and internal control, etc.


In this workshop, participants:

  • will understand the basic concepts of the information environment, from Data to Actionable Intelligence;
  • will understand The Intelligence Process: the full path from a request for information to the final intelligence product which will support the business decision;
  • will get a brief insight of the types of sources of data and information, how to verify and evaluate information, the main analytical methods.

They will reflect upon the mix of Digital and Personal skills and influences offer new opportunities in the Business & Competitive Intelligence field


Facilitation, practical individual and team exercises, videos & pictures.


Introduction into Business & Competitive Intelligence

  • Key Concepts;
  • The potential of Business & Competitive Intelligence (CI) for the development, security and business continuity of an organization;
  • Intelligence products: puzzles and mysteries.

Intelligence Process

  • What it is? A functional model of the Intelligence process.
  • Planning of an Intelligence Process: application on a business topic.

A glimpse into Collecting and Analyzing Data and Information

  • Sources and Methods;
  • Verifying and Evaluating Data and Information;
  • A development path for improving the Business& Competitive Intelligence capabilities (organization vs. individual).

Duration: 1 day.