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Understand trends that impact your future. Decide what’s next for your business.

Why Foresight & Risk Management

It usually starts with a visionaire who sees a need or an opportunity in the market. And taps on it! Gets other enthusiasts on board, and together they build expertise, design and launch an offer that people want. Badly. So they get courage.

In this time, the world outside becomes a very different place. Competitors appear from unexpected places. Market behavior is changing. New technologies are promising. Customers seem to know more than they do. But how and who to make sense of all these? It feels too late to catch up. But maybe is not too late to make a leap frog.

The Foresight Module presents a detailed view of the macrotrends, new consumer behaviors,  start-ups, innovations, and developments that reshape your domain globally.

Intro to MegaTrends

Megatrends are the major pathways of development. They help make sense of the complexity of the surrounding world and provide a platform for acting and developing strategic vision. Find out how megatrends such as Individualization or Demographic development or Technology breakthroughs could impact your organisation in the next years.

Intro to Foresight

We are currently living in an era of growing complexity and accelerating change. Make use of foresight to  better anticipate change, learn about markets that do not yet exist and find breakthrough ideas. Enhance your team future thinking and new problem solving skills

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