2021 Survival Guide Digital
A guide for those who need to survive in a world full of changes, uncertainties and massive digitalization in times when you either adapt fast or die.

Drivers of Change

2021 Adapt or Die Milestone
We live in an exponential world, a world where everything changes from one day to another. Staying relevant requires a sound understanding of the drivers of change, resilience and adaptability.

Major Paradigm Shifts

Some of the fundamental assumptions of doing business are shifting.
Everything goes digital and smart. Uncertainty is the new normal. The wide availability of resources calls for new approaches to business. Globalization has its fair share of impact in this new world.


In today’s world you are either digital, connected and smart or doomed for extinction.

Extreme Uncertainty

The speed and unpredictability of change requires new methods of managing risks and building narratives about the future.


New business models have to be designed for a world of abundance, where the challenge is to adapt fast, while maintaining efficiency.


Globalization had a large impact upon the resilience of businesses in 2020, e.g. by causing severe breaks of the supply chains.

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In this paperwork we examine the elements of a future-ready business model, one that is using the right technologies to enable an efficient and effective operating model, a business that meets the changing stakeholders’ needs and expectations.

The Business Puzzle

New, future-ready business models are born to address the new reality
Times have never been more abundant in opportunities for technology-enabled business transformation: sensors are embedded in everything due to their low cost of access, helping us to collect and fuel data analytics with real time information. In combination with ubiquitous connectivity & mobility, and the cloud, as well as the affordability of high-volume storage and processing power, these sensors enable us to SMART-en up almost everything, from homes to cities generating the so-called Internet of (every) Things. Innovation and adopting new business models and technologies like e.g. Intelligent Automation seem to be the answers to this high speed of change and heavy digitalization, the ones that can help companies preserve competitiveness and avoid being disrupted.

Operating in the digital economy requires adoption of new technologies and online tools, both in the revenue generating part of the business model as well as in the way you execute your core activities and access key resources.

Connect with new customers ONLINE

Migrating your business in online requires a sound understanding of how to communicate and connect with your customers in the virtual world, how to build and deliver value to them through fully digital value propositions.

Intelligent Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is maturing rapidly, starting to deliver on its promise for Intelligent Automation that includes Artificial Intelligence (AI) and cognitive processing, alongside automated conversations delivered by Chatbots.


Robotic Process Automation

Computer software that runs high-volume, repetitive, non-value adding activities.


Conversational software that can replace humans in customer interactions.

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