Skills Of The Future Academy Fall '20 Edition

Learn the skills you'll need to promote
and run a successful business.
Are you facing technology-driven disruption?

Our Approach to Your Business Challenges


New Sources ofValue & Growth


Dealing With Uncertainty


Build Innovative Value Propositions


Business & CompetitiveIntelligence
Are you determined to make your life be what you want it to be?

Why Skills Of The Future Academy?

Experience winning in your business
New technologies and business models are reshaping the World’s economy and cultures as we speak. Neither age nor size nor reputation nor even current sales guarantee that you will be around tomorrow

Everything you know is changing – your industry, organization, job… things are so very different each year… Do you still think what you already know will be enough to guarantee your success in the new reality that is being built?

Start developing today new skills to help you stay relevant in the future!

Skills Of The Future

Digital Skills
Business Skills
Personal Skills

Meet The Trainers

Experienced Professionals
All of our trainers are experienced professionals with several years of practice in their area of competence.

They are also training and assisting senior executives and management teams of the largest corporations in the local market on how to address today's business challenges.

How FAST Are You Up-Skilling Your Employees?

You have internal programs and e-Learning platforms. So !? Are they learning fast-enough?
In this fast-changing world you cannot afford waiting for months or even years for your employees to get up to date with the latest technologies and business models.

Agility and Speed are the new competitive advantages for this century. You need to adapt fast to this ever changing environment or you will simply be replaced by disruptive competitors.

Working with training professionals can speed up your upskilling programs so that you can focus on your business transformation.

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Learning Modules
Hours of Unique Experiences
You can register for 2 out of the 4 Business Challenges, a total of 6 Modules.