Dealing with Uncertainty

Learn How to Take Decisions in VUCA, Exponential Times Develop your ability to take good decisions despite the uncertainties of your business life

#Digital | Business | Personal Skills to Help You Deal With Uncertainty

Risk Management and Business Governance?

Mitigate known risk and prepare for the unknown ones
We are currently living in an era of growing complexity and accelerating change. Business risks come from many places and you need to anticipate change and mitigate such risks.

Meet The Trainers

Ciprian Stănescu is Co-Founder of Social Innovation Solutions, an organization offering consultancy and support for NGOs and corporations on social impact, future trends and innovation. He manages a variety of educational programs and business competitions…

Petrus is a Partner in TREND Consult, Head of Team Culture Practice. He has joined Trend Consult in 2007 as a Trainer and later on he became a Consultant. In 10 years of activity Patrus…

Razvan is the CEO of Tecknoworks, a Chief Innovation Lifeguard | Catalyst to Competitive Advantage | Award-Winner in Digital Transformation

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