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Amira Training 16x9
Amira Training 16x9

Top Notch Skills for Intelligence in Business

Description Our workplaces are changing, and the changes are dramatic, uncertainty is rising. Professionals need to prepare for the workplaces of the future, developing the job skills that will help them succeed and thrive in…

IC IBCI 3 - 16x9
IC IBCI 3 - 16x9

Business Competitive Intelligence

Managing Uncertainties and generating Opportunities In the business environment of the 21st century, ignorance or misunderstanding of Competitive Intelligence field is a real obstacle in achieving superior performance. Competitive intelligence is about making reasoned, rational decisions…


Digital Opportunities & Threats

Cyber Attacks – Examples and Exercises The Cyber Attacks module will demystify the concept of “hackers”, their way of thinking and the impact they could have on your organization. In the first part of the module…

Dealing With Uncertainty

Companies need intelligence and not information.There is a major difference between information and intelligence. Information is a material often descriptive, not evaluated, results from observation, discussions, reports, rumours or images. The pieces of information can be true or false, accurate or not, confirmed or not, real or fanciful. Intelligence is actionable information – a result of the collection, assessment and interpretation of the pieces of information. Intelligence is always checked using different sources, in a cross-check process.

Meet The Trainers

Having more than 10 years of experience in the cyber security field, Adrian has a strong overview of the local and international cyber security landscape. Before founding (an online platform for penetration testing and…

AMIRA is the director of Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence, international trainer and coach and Partner in ICSS (Integrated Corporate Strategic Services) She is an expert in Business Competitive Intelligence, specialist in behavior analysis, organizational behavior,…

With more than 20 years of experience Florentin is an expert in Security and Risk Management, currently having an Enterprise Risk manager role in aviation 20 years top management in Risk, local and international Training,…

IONUT is a co-founder of ICSS (Integrated Corporate Strategic Services), a team of Intelligence professionals, that use their knowledge and experience in the world of business to the benefit of companies seeking competitive advantage and…

WHY Business Competitive Intelligence?

Make better and more rapid decision
By using the business competitive intelligence perspective, you will:

- Become more competitive
- Make better and more rapid decision,
- Enhance early warning and forecast competitive threats
- Gain strategic perspective and avoid blindspots,
- Manage and reduce risks
- Conduct counter-intelligence and prevent “leaks”

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