Digital Opportunities & Threats

Digital Opportunities & Threats

Cyber Attacks – Examples and Exercises

The Cyber Attacks module will demystify the concept of “hackers”, their way of thinking and the impact they could have on your organization.

In the first part of the module we will cover a set of case studies of known cyber attacks. For each scenario we will see the attack vector, how the company was affected, how it responded to the attack and what measures should have been implemented to avoid the incident.

Then we will move to understanding the typical phases of a cyber attack like: reconnaissance, enumeration, vulnerability discovery, exploitation, privilege escalation, data exfiltration, lateral movement and covering tracks.

In the last part of the module, we will learn how to perform practical reconnaissance in order to discover the attack surface (online presence) of a target company. In this part we will do a set of non-intrusive practical exercises that will leverage public data to gather as much information as possible about the target organization.

Why take this course?

At the end of this module you should:
– Understand how cyber attacks are performed (high-level)
– Realize what can be the impact of a cyber attack against your organization
– Learn how to prevent a cyber attack
– Learn how to perform simple reconnaissance in order to discover the attack surface of your company

This course is not a technical hacking training.

Who Should Attend

Middle and top managers, people responsible for the IT and the security systems of a company (ex. IT Managers, Information Security Managers, Operations Managers, etc).