AMIRA is the director of Institute of Business Competitive Intelligence, international trainer and coach and Partner in ICSS (Integrated Corporate Strategic Services) She is an expert in Business Competitive Intelligence, specialist in behavior analysis, organizational behavior, profiling, nonverbal communication & FACS (Facial Action Coding System, Paul Ekman Group Certificate) and licenced in Psychology and International Relations.

Amira designed and delivered trainings and presentations in Romania, Italy, UK & Cyprus and worked for companies in diverse domains (IT & C, Marketing, HR, Psychology & Behavior Analysis, Competitive Intelligence). She has over 15 years of experience in Human Resources Development, Training and Recruitment, Business Development, Marketing and Business Communication and over 8 years in top management positions.

Education & Certifications: BA in Psychology, a BA in Economic International Relations, MA in Human Resources Management & Development, Behavioral Analysis Certification, MA in Clinical Psychology, Business Competitive Intelligence, Body Language & Lie Detection (FACS – Paul Ekman), Profiling, Criminal Profiling (Forensics Group Italia), MA in Marketing & Business Communication.