IONUT is a co-founder of ICSS (Integrated Corporate Strategic Services), a team of Intelligence professionals, that use their knowledge and experience in the world of business to the benefit of companies seeking competitive advantage and business continuity and security.

Ionut has over ten years of practice in Military Intelligence. He is a certified trainer, PhD in Business & Competitive Intelligence  and is also a Competitive Intelligence consultant for Romanian and multinational companies that have benefited from Intelligence (Competitive) in order to develop business operations in Romania, the Balkans, Middle East, Central Asia and Africa.  Its PhD Thesis: ”Implementing a Competitive Intelligence function within a Romanian Oil&Gas Company” publicly defended in January 2020

Being a member of Strategic & Competitive Intelligence Professionals ( and certified trainer, Ionut is currently delivering courses in Business & Competitive Intelligence.

Area of Expertise & Certifications: Strategic Intelligence, Scenario Planning, Communication, Crisis management, International Relations, Red Team, War Gaming.