Digital Transformation Framework

Digital Transformation Framework

Seminar description

Threat or opportunity?

Is digitalization a threat to your business or it offers an opportunity to overcome the competition? Do you know how to capture, evaluate and prioritize innovation in your company? Do you know how to think and work agile? The above questions need answers, fast. You also need a digital innovation strategy aimed at transforming your business to ensure its success in a world where everybody and everything is digitally connected.

The business context

“Retailers and distribution companies are struggling to provide a consistent OmniChannel experience to the always-on, digitally connected customers”; “Financial institutions are being disrupted by FinTechs”; “Utilities companies are fighting to cater for the expectations of smart-homes owners.” We hear this every day in the business news. The reason for this disruption is Digitalization. It is changing our lives and the way we do business. It lowers entry barriers in terms of resources while creating a heavier focus on know-how and innovation. It is harder to create value in the traditional business models, while, at the same time, it is easier to capture value in the new agile business models. Avoid the pitfalls that lead to transformation failure! We will help you save months (or even years) of precious time by training you to organize and align the efforts required to set your company on a path to an agile digital leadership and innovation.

The training course

This intensive program is designed to support participants in solving complex challenges of competing in the new digital economy. It provides insights into how companies can achieve competitive advantage through agile approach, digital transformation and innovation. We will be building on the 7 pillars of Digital Transformation: Strategy & Innovation | Customer & Marketing | Processes Improvement | Technology & Data | IT Projects | Finance & Controlling | Team Training. This will provide you a comprehensive suite of tools to understand and lead your way through the digital transformation. The case studies will feature both digital trailblazers and traditional enterprises that are adapting to the digital age. We will explain the key terms, concepts and technologies in simple and crystal-clear terms, for non-IT participants. Digital Transformation & Innovation course is designed to equip you to confidently create, lead and execute agile digital innovation initiatives and to develop new business models for your organization. We will also demystify the digital innovation roadmap and will show you how it can be applied to boost your company’s business performance.

Trainer & methodology

The unit lead expertise is at the intersection of: business, digital, innovation and IT. You will get practical, experience-based advice and you will learn how to rethink your business models, build the right team for the digital journey and use your “rational audacity” to take strategic choices along the 7 pillars of digital transformation. The training is anchored in your business context by linking real world business challenges to the latest innovations. The unit leader has created a framework, based on both practical insights and academic knowhow, to help you define and build powerful and agile digital business models that will facilitate your ability to compete in the global digital economy.

Target participants

This program is designed for people who want to translate digital innovation into business opportunity: Business leaders and executives seeking the full perspective needed to lead in a digital world by developing their strategy, business change and innovation capabilities.Managers and teams looking to develop personalized and actionable plans. The training program intentionally cuts across functional boundaries. Whether you are in marketing, product development, project management, sales, operations, IT or strategy you are (or will be) responsible for developing and implementing the company’s digital strategy and transformation effort. This range of roles suggests how fundamental digital innovation is to firms at every level, and how excellence in both planning and execution is critical to competitiveness. You will be able to gain the skills and capabilities you need to drive digital business transformation at all levels of your organization. Participants can have diverse educational backgrounds to take advantage of this digital transformation training. All they need is to share the enthusiasm for leveraging digital to create business value. This training program is also for participants pursuing business pathways in which digital technologies will be critical and for people wanting to understand the career options in this rapidly evolving environment. We approach the course from business perspective, not technology. If you are in business, you will feel comfortable with the terminology. If you are in technology, you will enrich your perspective with the business view.

Aims of the seminar

WIIF you: This course will show you how smart managers leverage innovation to create value and win business battles. You will leave with a set of tools and strategies to apply immediately in your everyday activities. We don’t just help you build skills; we help you change your behavior and remove your barriers so you will be seen as the innovator in your team. Digital Transformation brings many challenges, but it also creates an abundance of new opportunities for you. Discover how to deal with business change and win this game.

Teaching and Learning Methods

Interactive Lectures will include unit leader presentations, training and inspirational videos, discussion of case studies and business examples Interactive Sessions will involve a debate-type interaction between the participants, guided by the unit leader Multimedia Sessions will be based on documentary movies that will be followed by analytical group discussions. Case Studies will use practical examples for a guided group study and analysis and presentations of proposed solutions.